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How I eat when I travel to new places

How I Eat When I Travel To New Places

I’m a Nutritionist. I know a lot about healthy eating so it’s easy for me to choose between what’s healthy and what isn’t on the menu. I also have sensitivities to certain foods which I try to avoid. Note: Sensitivities are different to allergies. An allergy means there is an allergic reaction, usually immediately and…

My Quick Guide To Safe Cookware (1)

My Quick Guide To Safe Cookware

Have you ever thought about how safe your cookware is and what it might be leaching into your food each time you heat it? Most of us use some form of cookware on a daily basis but don’t give the safety of it much thought, am I right? Well today I’m going to break it…

Cookie Dough Balls

Cookie Dough Balls

Recently, I was in a cafe grabbing a coffee with my favourite reusable cup and noticed they were selling cookie dough balls. EEP! I had to have one, but I couldn’t as they contained both egg and dairy. Boo. Naturally, I went straight home and created my own, healthier version. Here it is – you’re…

High Blood Pressure (1)

Nutrition Advice for High Blood Pressure

According to the World Health Organization, more than one in three adults has raised blood pressure. 1 in 3 is a pretty confronting statistic, especially when you think about what high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) can lead to: heart attack and stroke. The good news is, a few simple dietary changes can have…

Tahini Caramel Slice

Tahini Caramel Slice

I have a long list of recipes that I and many others love to eat, but traditionally are quite unhealthy. Caramel slice is one such recipe! So, as I do, I have recreated this classic to be a far more nourishing, healthy version of the original that Nana used to make. Nutrition wise, its still…

Why coffee isn’t a good idea if you have irregular periods

Why Coffee Isn’t A Good Idea If You Have Irregular Periods

  Let’s talk Periods and Coffee, shall we? Today’s post is short and to the point. If you’re one of the many women out there who have irregular periods, I wanted you to know that enjoying a morning coffee on an empty stomach is a bad idea. Here’s why: As you’re sipping your morning brew,…


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