Bare foot healing

As I sit down to write this post, my beautiful purple and green fluorite crystal is sitting faithfully beside me. This type of crystal is said to be effective against electromagnetic stress and pollution emanating from computers. I went in search of it about 4 months ago after I noticed that I was feeling extremely drained and ‘heavy’ after moving back into an office job *sigh* Since then and for the foreseeable future, I’m literally surrounded by computers for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week (don’t worry I get 9 days off after working for 26 so its not so bad!)  My desk is beside a giant, communal printer that runs hot all day and to be productive in a busy workspace, I use headphones to shut out the jibber-jabber from the other staff and passer-bys (oh and on average, about 10 times a day my music gets interference from the hand held radios used by the floor and yard staff). Thats a whole-lotta ‘energy’ going on in one little ladies bubble of space, and thats just at work!

Anyway, what I’m leading into, is the beautiful, thought-provoking and perhaps dubious concept of Earthing!

Earthing? Please explain…

Our bodies are complex (and truly Ah-mazing right?!) As we go about our day to day lives on this glorious planet, we slowly but surly build up a collection of positive ions within our body (aka free radicals). These are emitted from anything electrical (including wiring), mobile phones, microwaves etc. The basic idea behind Earthing, is that when we connect physically to the surface of the Earth (which is negatively charged), we are able to release this build up into the ground and uptake negatively charged ions to regain a state of homeostasis. Simplified – Connecting with the Earth will balance the energies in our body.


Earthing is really simple, all you have to do is walk bare-foot on the earth. And who doesn’t love being bare foot like the a beautiful, all-loving gypsy? I certainly do. There is a saying I really love and one day (when I’m not in a job that requires steel cap boots) plan to call upon often: “If you’re not bare foot, your overdressed”

Grass, beach, dirt – whatever tickles your toes. You can lie on the ground and see what pictures you can find in the clouds if you want! Because you see, it doesn’t matter how you go about it, as long as your body connects with the earth. Sitting on a rock and pondering all the good things in life? Yep, that will work too.

Haven’t you ever wondered why you feel so grounded and calm when you come back from a stroll on the beach? It probably has to do with the fact that salt and water are extremely conductive! Bub-bye positively charged ions, helllooo balanced bliss!

Living inner city with no parks close by? Ask Dr Google about ‘earthing mats’ that you put under your computer chair so you can Earth while you work/study, or ‘earthing sheets’ to get you grounded whilst you’re get your nightly Z’s. I haven’t looked much into these because I’m all about keeping it simple (and although I love the idea of the earthing mat under my chair at work, I don’t have a spare powerpoint to plug it into. Ironic much?)

 Balance matters…

The purpose of Earthing is that when we balance our bodies energy, our overall health will benefit. I’m talking reduced inflammation & pain, improved blood pressure & blood flow, improved female hormone symptoms, better sleep, reduced symptoms of jet lad and an improved mood (this is the benefit I notice almost instantaneously).

If you’re the sexy-science type, see here or here for a bunch of studies on Earthing.


So, what do you think? Sound legit to you? Maybe not, and thats ok. But for me, I know that I DEFINATELY feel better after I’ve Earthed. Feelings are proof enough for me! Maybe your not sold on the idea because its a little eclectic for you? Just consider this: Humans are becoming more and more disconnected from the natural environment and we are completely surrounded by WiFi, mobile signals, radio frequencies and buzzing computers! We sleep on electric blankets with our mobiles next to our heads for goodness sake! Surely this constant stream of energy has a negative effect on our organic bodies? And aside from all this, I honestly believe there are special vitalities/energies out there in nature, not the wizard or fairy-god mother type (come on, I’m not completely loopy!) I’m talking about the energies of the Universe, the forces of Mother Nature. Things that we simply cannot replicate and to be honest, things I can’t even explain – Really, I can’t put into words what I mean so I hope you ‘just get it’….

Ok, so the grand take-away from this post is not that I’m a tree hugging hippy who believes there are ‘special forces out there’ (ha ha giggling at how silly this may sound to others!) but that we are surrounded and affected by energies we cannot see. What have you got to lose (other than a build up of positive ions of course) by going bare foot for a while? All I’m saying is give it a go and see how it makes you feel.  


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2 thoughts on “Bare foot healing

  1. I love earthing. I used to be really grossed out by walking about bare foot outside (except on the sand) I didn’t like having dirty feet and I didn’t like to think I could be walking on someone’s spit or dog wee, pretty sad I know. But since I have overhauled my life I often just walk on the grass barefoot. During my lunch break at work I take sit on the grass outside my teaching room, kick my shoes off and enjoy the feeling of the grass under my feet and the sun on my skin. I love having dirty feet now, it makes me feel connected and clear.
    By the way Rach, what you do for a living takes such commitment and I take my hat off to you for how you manage to always remain so happy, positive and healthy. You’re so inspiring.
    Sending you earthing hugs – from one “not quite” a hippy to another x

    1. Oooh J! I wasn’t snobbing you, I was having amateur-blogger issues and somehow stopped ALL comments showing up, not just my spam ones :-(
      I can totally relate to the dirty thing, a few years ago I couldn’t stand having dirty hands but now, I couldn’t care less!
      Thank you for your kind words and support, as always. XX

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