Chia, Berry & Yoghurt Parfait

I enjoyed this layered dish as a refreshing breakfast in the sun, but you could also serve this as a healthy and decadent dessert. You’ll notice the recipe is quite versatile and will work with any kind of berries, fruit and nuts you have on hand.




I made this while travelling, so opted to grab a vanilla bean chia pod rather than make the chia pudding from scratch, to avoid leftover ingredients that would go to waste. The recipe below offers both options.


  • 1 x single serve tub of organic natural yoghurt (I used five:am)
  • 1 x vanilla bean chia pod or see below for my home made chia pudding recipe
  • 1 x big handful of mixed berries (I used fresh raspberries and blackberries)
  • 1 x small handful of nuts, roughly chopped (I used raw almonds and macadamia’s)

The how to

  1. Start with a layer of yoghurt in the bottom of your glass
  2. Add the chia in small dollops around the outside of the glass so you get a well balanced, layered look.
  3. Add berries between the dollops of chia so they are visible through the glass.
  4. Continue layering your ingredients in the glass, keeping in mind that the yoghurt will settle into all the gaps over time (possibly hiding your berries)
  5. Finish with a layer of berries and then sprinkle with nuts.

Making chia pudding at home

A simple rule when making chia pudding is to use a cup of liquid for every 3T of chia seeds. You can use just about any liquid but I like water, coconut milk, almond milk and coconut water. You can then build on this to give your chia pudding a nice flavour. Try a little fruit puree, vanilla powder or honey and cinnamon.

For this parfait, I suggest a liquid of half water, half coconut milk and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla powder.

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl until well combined, and then leave in the fridge to gel up for at least an hour. For convenience, I like to make it at night and leave it to set overnight in the fridge, ready for breakfast in the morning.


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4 thoughts on “Chia, Berry & Yoghurt Parfait

  1. Hi Racheal
    Have you completed your 4 Phase Protocol? as I am waiting on my order & I can’t wait to begine, I have MS & I like you am on a health journey I have tried quite a few I’m really feeling positive that this protocol will head me on a journey of great health & wellness.
    I’m looking forward to trying your recipes after I finish the 4Phase Protocol.
    Bye for now

    1. Hello Cheryl
      Good on you for taking your health into your own hands, you should be really proud of yourself because something like this could be a real catalyst for getting your health on track.
      I haven’t complete it yet, I’m on day 17 and I feel really great! I needed a reset and I chose this protocol because I really respect & trust what Cyndie does and I also really did need to work out once and for all what foods don’t agree with me!
      Good luck with your journey and thanks so much for having a look at my blog :-) I’ll be posting recipes that are P2 compliant here, so be sure to take a look if you need some inspiration –> (you will have to be logged in to see that I think)

      1. Hi Racheal
        I meant to say I was on the loading phase, into day 2 losing weight my only problem is breakfast I need to take oral medicine for MS it’s rough on the gut dinner is fine it’s breakfast I need more than a piece of fruit do you have any suggestions?

        1. Cheryl I’m really sorry for the delayed response. You many have already worked this out by now but perhaps you could take your meds with lunch? Thats a more substantial meal. Alternatively, you could have your bigger meals at breakfast and dinner and during the day just consume your fruit?

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