My ultimate gift guide for her

One of my awesome readers contacted me to ask if I could put together a little guide for what to buy/make/gather as a good gift for the person in her life who lives a more natural, conscious life. I had so much fun putting the list together that I was secretly hoping she replied telling me that none of the ideas were quite suited, just so I could make another list! But, to my surprise, she told me that my idea’s were super cute and that she got so much inspiration from my list that I should definitely put it on the blog because it was very, very helpful. This left me with a huge, satisfied smile on my face, AND permission to indulge in my list further!

So here is my “Ultimate Gift Guide for Her”. Be sure to also check out my post on being a conscious consumer – its important.

ultimate 11. A dream catcher. You can find some really beautiful, hand made and unique dream catchers on Etsy.

2. An original piece of artwork (made by you!) in an old frame from the op shop. FYI -upcycling  is the new black!

3. A moon calendar. This one by The Fifth Element will not only bring the moons energy into her life but also beautiful art and spirituality.

4. Burn a mixed CD with a bunch of hand selected, soulful songs for her to chill out to or dance around the lounge room with hairbrush in hand!

5. Crystals. Bring some gentle, loving vibes into her world. With so many different energies and qualities to choose from, you’re sure to find something perfectly suited just for her. 

6. A 2015 diary that you can write inspirational quotes and pieces of wisdom throughout the months for her to discover randomly during the year.

ultimate 2

7. Potted herbs. If you can find old, weathered pots, go for a boho look, or try painting some simple designs yourself, for a more personal touch.

8. Organic wine and fair trade dark chocolate. Because its yummy combination…

9. Plait fine leather into an anklet. Or buy some beads and make her a friendship bracelet. If you want instructions on how to make those pictured above, go here.

10. A bamboo hair brush and a little bottle of pure argon oil. FYI Moroccan oil is the ugly sister of Argon oil, she’s full off nasty filers, not a great choice for toxin free personal care.

11. A Magazine subscription. Wellbeing Magazine and Greenlifestyle are two of my personal fav’s.

12.    A lady date. Make a cute little voucher for a yoga class followed by a green smoothie and pop into a card.  

ultimate 3

13. A basket full of home baked goodies. Buy a quaint old basket from the Opshop and fill it with home baked goodies (think upcycled jars filled with granola, bliss balls, chocolate bark, home stewed apples etc)

14. Delicious coffee and a funky new mug. Organic, fair trade of course. If she has one of those fancy machines that take the pods, she will these biodegradable pods by Eco Caffe. 

15. A beautiful Fair Trade necklace. This one, hand made using traditional techniques which have been handed down generation to generation by TARA’s artisans in India can be purchased via Oxfam online. 

16. Essential oil perfume blends. I get mine from Springfields

17. DIY Vision board kit. This can include a cork pinboard or a square of cardboard (recycled of course), a bunch of old magazines, glue/pins, scrap paper and pens, perhaps some cute ribbon or old buttons. Also, get her set up at a computer and direct her here, where she can find out exactly what a vision board is, how it will change her life and of course, how to create it!

18. Spirited ebook by Tara Bliss and Rachel MacDonald. This little gem is seriously chock-full of heart warming, juicing advice and ideas to really nourish the soul to help her reach her full potential.

ultimate 4

19. Home made toxin free air freshener. Grab a clean-skin spritzer bottle from your local health food store, add approx. 20 drops of essential oils and fill with water. My current favourite combination is lavender, orange and rosemary. So pretty.

20. An eco friendly travel coffee mug. Because she shouldn’t have to give up her coffee habit, but lets be honest, it does create a lot of waste throughout the year….

21. Preloved books. A real booklover will not think you’re a tight ass if you gift her preloved books. She understands that storeys are meant to be shared, that a book that’s been in the hands of someone else just adds to the vibe, its left a trail of imagination behind it and of course, it’s had time to develop a more beautiful ‘book smell’ (…or maybe I’m just a creepy book worm??) If you think she will appreciate preloved books, you should definitely check out Better World Books because they’re a wonderful company with a beautiful mission.

22. Kester Black nail polish. Australian made, free from the main 5 toxic offenders, certified vegan and cruelty free. Get it here.

23. Find a nice quote or poem and get creative on the computer, print your page and frame it.

24. A new tote. Beacuae a) plastic bags are a big problem and b) there are so many cute ones out there to accessorise with!

So there it is, my ultimate gift guide for her. How about you? Got any great gift ideas to share for those of us wanting to buy or make something for someone living a natural and conscious life? I would love to hear your ideas. Comment below.


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