Reflecting on 2014 – what a beautiful year!

While today may seem to differ only the slightest from yesterday, a year’s worth of days can see you end up in an entirely different place from where you began.

And while the past belongs in the past, I think that reflection is a wonderful tool for personal growth. It can allow us to see what we have accomplished and how we have grown – spiritually, physically, emotionally and more. And, it can be a whole lot of fun!

Reflection can be done at any time but when the calendar is nearing its final days for that year, reflection always seems to come naturally. So, today I’m looking back on 2014 and urging you to do the same.

A beautiful way to start is to make a little comparison chart to see where you are right now, compared to where you were exactly a year ago.

Where you live, what you do for work, where your health stands, what your passions are, what goals you have etched in your mind… This past year was full of lots of adventures for me, personal changes, big leaps of faith and some seriously happy memories. As I scribbled my chart on paper, I realised that although a typical day hasn’t changed much for me, the way I think and the person I am on this inside certainly have come a long way.

It’s also fun to list of all your accomplishments – in all aspects of life.

As I listed all the amazing things I have achieved in the past 12 months, it gave me reassurance that all of my hard work was not for nothing. We may not notice our achievements when we are living day to day, but when we look at the bigger picture and this ever-changing path that we are carving out for ourselves, we can see thats its dotted with beautiful achievements we should be proud of. Here are a few I would like to share.



By far my favourite part of reflection, is to look back on memories I have created.

Places I have been, laughs I have shared, people who have graced me with their presence, things I have done, quite moments I have been  part of. Here is a little of my year.


hike mt buller


Exploring Mt Buffalo and contemplating what 2014 will bring…..




Two happy faces after we landed the jobs that we had been chasing for what felt like, forever! We had been working towards getting jobs on Barrow Island since we moved to WA in 2012, and finally all the hard work had paid off and two contracts were signed. This job was the key to SO many opportunities for us, we knew the Universe had blessed us.


no mads 1

no mads

no mads 3


Working FIFO again meant we were working a roster of 26 days on and 9 0ff. In early 2014 we lived the blessed life of Nomads, alternating between exploring Australia and visiting home in our time off.




Living life in a camp definitely has its challenges; limited food choices, not being able to feel the earth on my feet and having no real space to myself were the things I struggled with most. But being on a beautifully unique, remote island with my love, certainly has its perks! Here were are being laughed at by fellow bike enthusiast’s as we try to snap a selfie!


byron 2



Exploring Byron Bay…oh I could live in this place! Beaches so beautiful and serene that it would be criminal not to be barefoot! Inland was just as stunning and the people are friendly, hip, laid back and give a shit about the environment – my kind of people! During our stay we hiked into the most beautiful waterfall, where we mediated together in blissful silence, hand in hand.




In July, we decided it was time to move home (by this we meant bring our car full of belongings that we have been living out of for the past 18 months back to our hometown). So we travelled from Perth WA, across the Nullarbor and home to Wodonga VIC.




Visiting home always involved catching up with my beautiful, amazing 97 year old Nana where laughs are mandatory! We usually squeezed in a camping trip too, because you really can’t beat it for relaxation.


10 years

August 2014 marked 10 years spent with this amazing man. Holy schmoley! We live a truly blessed life together. Here we are in Doubtful Sound, New Zealand (freezing out butts off!) celebrating the life we have built together.




Working on Barrow Island means I get to meet beautiful people from all over the world. The two people in the centre of this photo are my best friends on the island, Mohamed and Wilma. Two absolute, bloody champs! Mo was off to get married, so of course, we threw him a Hens Party, he loved it (probably not as much as we did though!)


noosa 1



Whats life without a girls trip?! Off to Noosa in October with two of my favourite babes in the whole world. Beach walks, girly talks and wine laden schananegans! The perfect combination for guaranteed good memories.




November saw more adventures with my love, who organised a surprise horse ride to the historic Craig’s Hut in the Snowy Mountains. Such a beautiful day, and such quirky horses!


DSC_0890 2

DSC_0893 2



On the last day of 2014, we trekked our way to the summit of Mouth Feathertop, Australia’s second highest mountain. Oh my. Beautiful, serene and friggon hard work! When we reached the summit, there was a flock of butterfly’s chasing each other, making magical circles around us as we stood together on what seemed like the top of the world. I can’t accurately describe the raw beauty… yikes it was just amazing!



Now, as we venture into 2015 together, I want to equip you with a few little nuggets of knowledge that I think can help us both, whatever journeys we may take:


Live less out of habit, and more out of INTENT

* * *

NO-ONE has it all figured out.

* * *

We are not perfect human beings, nor do we have to pretend to be. But, it is necessary for us to be the BEST VERSIONS OF OURSELVES that we can be.



Now, before you depart and carry along your merry-way, PLEASE, will you share with me something special from 2014 and/or a goal you have for this new year that is blessed upon us? I would really love to hear from you :-)

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2 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2014 – what a beautiful year!

  1. 2014 saw me recovery from massive surgery and months of rehabilitation but I made it …. ???? to bigger and better then those surgeons told me I would
    1. I walked down the aisle in July in high heels
    2. I am now driving a car again and in the evening(dark)
    3. I am riding a bike like they said I probably never would and I’m achieving between 8-12 Km’s a day
    2014 was a year of challenges and experiences but I’m glad it’s done and dusted through my journey this year my whole outlook on life has changed and I reflect on what were told everyday
    “Don’t sweat the small stuff”
    Live today like there’s no tomorrow because we never know what challenge I’d ahead, Rach & Hugh I love you both do dearly and thank you for being the inspiration you have been to me and my family xoxo

    1. Big sister you’re a beautiful, strong, brave and AMAZING woman. Your year was huge, and you are spot on, you made it out the other side bigger and better than what you were told you would. You did that because your the captain of your journey and I know the determined lady inside was thinking ‘stuff that Doc, you bloody watch me!’ And here you are, living life to the fullest – don’t talk to me about inspiration!! Gee whiz, your the one who is inspiring Lee. Life has kicked you to the curb more times than once, but you always get straight up, march on over and kick its ass right back!! You’re a bloody champ and I love you to the moon and back xxx
      PS – thanks for the support you have always given me. I will never forget the phone calls we had back when I was 16 xxx

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