Gratitude changes everything

I don’t know exactly when I started to be more thankful but it was sometime in the past 12 months. Now, it just keeps accumulating, like an ever-growing list of all these amazing things that surround me that I am so completely grateful for. I don’t know why I became more grateful either, but I know that it changed everything.


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When you appreciate what you have, the people around you, the world we live in and the moments you have, you start to see things differently. Your outlook on life changes. For me, I actually started to see more and I realised that life is just so darn wonderful! All these things started coming to my attention that I used to take for granted.

Sometimes I consciously give thanks. I will make the effort to appreciate and bring to my own attention the amazing things I have in my life. I scribble them onto a piece of paper and it never ceases to amaze me how long that list can get! Other times, I’m smacked in the face with gratitude, without any effort on my behalf. I had a moment like this when I standing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I can’t even explain it, I was in total awe. And I was SO grateful to be experiencing it. I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude that I could have cried, well actually, I did. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have experienced Mother Nature in all her glory like that….(I just stared out the window for about 5 minutes with a big dopey smile on my face, reminiscing. Still so grateful.) Sometimes it’s the small things, like being served by a friendly face at my local grocer. I always leave that place feeling a little brighter, glad to have discovered a small business with beautiful products and such lovely owners.

Gratitude improves your relationships. It makes you more forgiving to the people in your life, more accepting to the fact that they are not perfect and never will be. The point is, when you start really appreciating them, you don’t care about their flaws, you’re just glad that they are in your life. It does the same for the way you see yourself too, which has been so important for me.


Gratitude makes you focus on the positives. It makes you happy. Not only are you happier because there is suddenly a list of all these amazing things in your life, but you also become infected by your loved ones happiness, because you can appreciate how important this is. Double happy? Yes please!

Since I found gratitude, I realise how much I have, how completely lucky I am, how good my life is and how much I don’t have to complain about. My problems don’t seem like such a big deal anymore (because they aren’t).

My life is a journey for which I now enjoy the ride, rather than constantly focusing on the destination. I’m happier, I’m content and I feel like I am exactly where I should be.

I cannot imagine a quicker way to find happiness than with gratitude.   Rach x


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4 thoughts on “Gratitude changes everything

  1. Goosebumps! You write so honestly and so to the point without being too brief, and the result is heart-warming :) Congratulations on this blog and on getting a very lucky audience to share with, inspire and motivate to be better people and lead better lives :)

    I would love to start a blog one day in the future, maybe within the next year or two- I know who I’ll be coming to for advice! ;)


    1. Thank you so much Jorja. Your so kind and lovely and you know how to make a girl smile! :-) I wanted to blog a good 18 months ago but was scared how people would perceive it because I wanted to blog about stuff that was real to me and that makes it personel. But now I’m totally fine with what people think. No one agrees with everything we say and that’s cool. My goal is to just be me and say what ever the heck I want to, and hopefully it helps someone :-)
      Thanks again and I REALLY hope that you do one day blog. I truly think you would be amazing at it, truly xxx

  2. It is a truly amazing thing its the gratitude effect and you are so right it changes everything. Love your blog. And your positivity truly inspiring.

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